Government of Armenia to provide 13,5 billion drams to Artsakh, total allocations near 120 billion

 The Government of Armenia will allocate 13,5 billion drams to the Republic of Artsakh aimed at restoring the post-war situation, reviving economic life and solving the social issues of the displaced population.

Minister of Finance Tigran Khachatryan said at the Cabinet meeting that this allocation will bring the sum of funds given to Artsakh since 2020 to nearly 120 billion drams.

1,3 billion drams from the allocation will be provided as a donation and will be directed for financing utility expenses of the population for November 2021.

12,2 billion drams will be allocated as an interstate loan with the purpose of covering the salaries, benefits, pensions, healthcare expenditures and bonds for November envisaged by the 2021 state budget of Artsakh.