Armenia Prosecutor General’s Office: Azerbaijanis fired shots near Artsakh village for 7 minutes (PHOTOS)

Gor Abrahamyan, Adviser to the Prosecutor General of Armenia, went on Facebook to present details about the recent incident nearby the village of Shosh in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

Accordingly, a criminal case has been opened in connection with the Azerbaijanis’ shooting at a resident carrying out engineering works near the aforesaid village and at the servicemen of Artsakh.

At around 5:05pm on May 17, a group of Azerbaijani servicemen fired—for about seven minutes—at the excavator being operated by a resident of the village of Sos in the Martuni region, who was conducting engineering work at a military post under the protection of the military unit, and at the personnel of that military post.

As a result, the front and left side door windows of this excavator were completely damaged.

The working civilian and conscripts were able to take shelter during this shooting.

The aforesaid criminal case is under investigation.