US House of Representatives calls F-35 program a disaster

The production and sale program of the American fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets has become a complete disaster. The assessment was made by Adam Smith, Chair of the US House Committee on Armed Services, and a member of the Democratic Party, TASS reports.

For the past 20 years, the procurement process at the US Department of Defense can only be described as a complete disaster in terms of the F-35s, LCSs (littoral combat ship), armored vehicles, and future generation combat systems, the influential legislator is convinced.

In terms of how much the US spends and how much it receives in return, it just hurts, Smith said of the F-35 construction plan.

What does the F-35 give? Is there a way to reduce the financial losses? Is it possible not to spend so much money for low potential? As the costs of logistics are very high, said the head of the House Armed Services Committee.