Artsakh deputy FM calls on international community not to stay indifferent to Azerbaijan’s actions

The international community should understand how serious the situation is in Artsakh and what tragic consequences the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan has left, Deputy Foreign Minister of Artsakh Armine Aleksanyan said in an interview to the Italian ASRIE Analytica.

“At the moment the International Committee of Red Cross is the only international organization operating in our region by providing first aid and support to the citizens. For the sake of Artsakh and the whole humanity, much more international organizations must be involved, not only for providing aid and support, but also for witnessing and recording the war crimes and the human rights violations”, she said.

The Artsakh deputy FM stated that Azerbaijan is currently taking actions to eliminate the Armenian cultural and historical past, destroying the churches and monuments, and noted that the whole world is showing indifference to all these incidents. “Everyone should be aware of this, as what is now taking place with our people and country, can repeat in a different part of the world in the future based on the fact that the international community has closed its eyes and the Baku leadership has not given response to its committed massacres and human rights violations”, the deputy minister said.

Armine Aleksanyan also talked about the role of Turkey in the recent war launched against Artsakh, stating that Ankara provided all support to Azerbaijan, causing thousands of human deaths and displacement of tens of thousands of peoples.

She stated that after the war the Azerbaijani leadership still continues the military rhetoric, and President Ilham Aliyev is regularly making nationalist remarks based on Armenophobia.