President: Karabakh has always underscored Russia's invaluable place, role in our region

Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) President Arayik Harutyunyan has congratulated the Russian people on their national holiday—Russia Day. His respective message reads as follows, in part:

“For centuries, our two peoples have had strong and warm ties anchored on a historical, cultural, spiritual, value system. For centuries, being in the vortex of geopolitical upheavals, Artsakh has always used Russia's invaluable place and role in our region, in maintaining peace and stability here.

Today, together with us, the security of Artsakh is provided by the peacekeeping contingent of the Russian Federation. We are deeply thankful and grateful to them. We thank Russian President Vladimir Putin for his personal efforts and undeniable contribution to the settlement of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict.

On behalf of the people, authorities of the Artsakh Republic and me accept our congratulations on this sacred holiday; peace and prosperity to the Russian people and the Russian Federation, which has welcomed millions of Armenians with open arms.”