China coronavirus: Death toll rises to 1113

The number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus COVID-2019 in China has surpassed 44,600, the death toll climbed to 1,113, and 4,740 people recovered from the virus, China's National Health Commission said on February 12, reports TASS.

On Tuesday, the commission reported over 42,600 confirmed cases, 1,016 deaths and 3,996 cases of recovery.

Most people infected with the new coronavirus are reported from Hubei province (33,300), where the death toll climbed to 1,068 and 2,639 people recovered. In the southern Guangdong province, over 1,200 cases were confirmed. In each Henan and Zhejiang province, around 1,100 cases were confirmed.

In Beijing, 342 cases of the new coronavirus were confirmed, three people died and 48 more recovered. In the Heilongjiang province bordering Russia, 378 cases were confirmed, eight people died and 28 others recovered.

According to the authorities, over 185,000 people in China remain under medical supervision after contacts with those infected, and over 16,000 people remain quarantined.

The Chinese authorities registered an outbreak of the new coronavirus COVID-2019 (earlier referenced as 2019-nCoV) in the city of Wuhan. Cases of new coronavirus were confirmed in 24 other countries and territories, including in Russia. The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern.