Violence should be ruled out: Pashinyan recalls 6 pan-national consensuses proposed by him

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan reminded the 6 pan-national consensuses proposed by him in Stepanakert on August 5, 2019, as a pillar and formula for the pan-Armenianism and the national unity.

The PM made a post on Facebook:

“Consensus 1: Violence should be ruled out from the set of tools for resolving any pan-Armenian issue. We should rule out violence while solving any internal issues between us in our reality. All those forces, individuals, who consider violence as a measure to solve any inner-Armenian issue, should be rejected and thrown into the garbage of the history of the Armenian people. The vision of having a violence-free society, a violence-free people should become the key point of our national unity. But, in this context there is only one exception: the talk is about the use of a legal force to prevent and reveal crimes, and ensure the normal life of the people.

Consensus 2: People and their free expression of will are the only source for the formation of power. Any attempt of distorting the people’s will should be viewed as an anti-state, anti-national activity. In this respect I attach a great importance to the holding of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in the Republic of Artsakh in free, competitive and democratic environment and to providing real guarantees for the people’s free expression of will. Therefore, the Republic of Armenia should act and will act as a guarantor of the Artsakh people’s free expression of will and the formation of a legitimate power through this expression of will.

Consensus 3: The sovereignty of Armenia and Artsakh, the Armenian people is the highest value, and all those forces who will try to bring foreign forces for solving inner-Armenian issues, all those forces who will act in our country as a representative of foreign interests, should receive and will receive the toughest counter response of the Armenian people and their legitimate representative – the government of Armenia.

Consensus 4: Armenia and Artsakh should be free from corruption. All corruption manifestations, including sponsorship, artificial monopolies, artificial barriers against the competitors, should be eradicated. The damages caused by corruption activity to the state and the people should be restored.

Consensus 5: The rule of law and right, the equality of all before the law should become a key point in the inner-national relations. The existence of courts that are under foreign or domestic influence is a threat to the national security. In Armenia and Artsakh courts should be independent. The presence of a privileged elite, circles and individuals in economy, politics and any sphere of public life should be ruled out. Here I want to make a comment: dear people, we have many worthy people, Armenians gave many worthy sons, but it’s unacceptable and cannot be tolerated when someone provides service to the people and the homeland and later tries to sell that service in a privileged, out-of-law way.

Consensus 6: The most important consensus: the purpose of the negotiation process for settling the Artsakh conflict should be the defense of the results of the Artsakh liberation war carried out for the self-determination and security of the people of Artsakh. Based on the negotiation results any solution considered accepted for the governments of Armenia and Artsakh can be considered acceptable only in case of the people’s approval in Armenia and Artsakh”.