5 more coronavirus cases registered in Armenia, bringing total number to 13

5 more people have been tested positive for novel coronavirus in Armenia, ARMENPRESS reports Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said in a Facebook Live.

''28 of the 31 people isolated in Tsakhkadzor's ''Golden Palace'' since March 1 have been tested negative for coronavirus and they can go home. Coronavirus has been confirmed for 2 of the isolated people and one more person, the family member of one of them, who had an interaction during this period, will remain in isolation. This means that the two people with confirmed coronavirus will be hospitalized, while the other one will remain in isolation'', the PM said.

He also informed that 3 other citizens have been tested positive for coronavirus. 2 of them participated in an engagement ceremony in Etchmiadzin city and had been isolated days ago. ''There is also another citizen who came from France. He is also tested positive for coronavirus. The total number of coronavirus-infected citizens is 13. Most of them are participants of the engagement ceremony in Etchmiadzin'', Pashinyan said.

The health condition of all the patients is satisfactory. Only one has developed pneumonia.