Iranian MFA says Israel-UAE deal is example of strategic stupidity

Iran's Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the agreement on the normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, calling it an example of strategic stupidity that will ultimately only strengthen the regional front of resistance, PressTV reported.

The agreement will strengthen the axis of resistance in the region, the ministry said in a statement.

History will show how this strategic mistake of the Zionist regime and this act of betrayal by the Emirates against the Palestinians and, as a consequence, the entire Muslim community, will lead to a strengthening of the axis of resistance.

The Foreign Ministry said that the oppressed Palestinian people and all freedom-seeking peoples of the world will never forgive acts of normalizing relations with the occupation regime or reconciliation with its atrocities. The Iranian Foreign Ministry advised the states of the region, which show sympathy for the Israeli regime and violate the rights of such peoples of the region as the Palestinians and Yemenis, instead, to get smart and not take their enemies for friends.

The statement contains a strong warning against any interference of the Zionist regime in the equations of the Gulf region.

The statement says that the Emirates must take full responsibility for all the consequences that may follow their shameful rapprochement with the fictitious and inhuman occupation regime.