Karabakh conflict

Moscow hopes UN will join solving humanitarian problems in Karabakh – FM Lavrov

Moscow hopes that the UN agencies will join the solution of humanitarian problems in Karabakh immediately after the International Committee of Red Corss (ICRC), Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today, RIA Novosti reports.

“We hope that other humanitarian structures, firstly the agencies of the United Nations, will join the work. I mean the office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, the Humanitarian Coordination Leadership, and of course, Nagorno Karabakh is also facing problems of preservation of cultural heritage. Here UNESCO can play its role”, Lavrov said.

He said the ICRC is long in the region and its experience can be useful for other organizations. “I think that the cessation of military operations based on these agreements, of course, is opening additional opportunities for the operation of the International Committee of Red Cross which is present both in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and also Nagorno Karabakh”, the Russian FM said, adding that the ICRC can play a key role in overcoming the consequences of what has taken place in Karabakh.