Fashion, style, ecology, local color - how a lady from Artsakh combined all this  into one business project

With an announcement on the Internet, Sarine Hayriyan was given an opportunity to start her own business and create unique cloth bags with Artsakh flavor. The author called her business ''Sarin's'', and today ''Sarin's'' bags with their peculiarity have become a preferable gift for anyone. The first thing, that attracts in the bags, is interesting and humorous expressions and illustrations in the Artsakh dialect depicted on them.

Sarine Hayriyan lives in Stepanakert. Alongside with her own business she is also involved in public activity within the framework of ''Vector'' NGO founded by her and organization of cultural and youth events in ''The Roots'' Center. She succeeds in working in all the three directions efficiently.

She has always had an idea of starting a business though she was given a chance only the previous summer. Sarine says: ''The summer of 2019 has been quite a busy one for my activity. One typical day, I saw a statement on the AGBU (Armenian General Benevolent Union) Facebook page promoting women's entrepreneurship.  I always wanted to have my own business.  I applied and chose the idea of ​​creating locally-flavored tote bags as a project to be presented.  Unlike developed countries, the culture of wearing tote bags is not developed in our country."

Sarine's idea had another important purpose, which she presents this way:  “In addition to being a part of style, my bags also have a social mission, at least to some extent contribute to limiting the use of plastic bags.  If I am not mistaken, in 2020 Armenia should prohibit the use of plastic bags by law.  That is to say, we are expecting this here one day and I have two specimens intended for  food trade that have a grocery list and the Artsakh phrase ''Kezar ker, hantsu boy tas'' ("Eat carrot to grow up") printed on them. In a sense, I have also branded our dialect by placing local, humorous, typical expressions and illustrations on the bags.  My business plan occupied the third place and I was given 800,000 drams for the business.''

She tells that one of the conditions of the AGBU program was the participation in the business trainings organized by them.  But she confesses that the notions of complete and real business were formed only after entering the market.

''For instance, I thought that just one of my 6 models was going to sell a lot, but only one piece of that model has been sold to date, while all the others are already being produced for the third time. By the way, the fabric is Armenian, and the bags are made in Yerevan.  I'm happy with the sales figures, even though I only started in winter.  They are more aware of the bags in Artsakh and Armenia,'' says Sarine.

Sarine's bags have appeared also in the pavilions representing the Armenian production to the foreign guests presenting to the world unique expressions of Artsakh flavor such as ''Titev tar'' (''Take it easy''), ''Kourouznot khasyatd ktrve'' (''Let your difficult, obscure character end''), ''Serav katseq, zhoghovurt'' (''Leave in peace, people'').

Speaking of women and business, she confesses that our girls lack a little courage and initiative. Some are scared of starting, others think business is not feminine. ''I don't feel a desire for self-expression in them. I wasn't confident in my win, but I was sure I was going to acquire significant knowledge to open my next business.''

The activity of ''Vector'' NGO founded by her is aimed at activating and motivating the youth, especially in the regions.

Despite the overload, Sarine continues to improve herself: she develops her French, studies management and marketing, as well as the art of negotiations. Last year she challenged herself participating in the Stepanakert City Council elections. ''I wanted to see how much the public is ready to see me as someone who wants to solve real problems in the Council.'' Sarine wasn't elected, however she gained great experience. Now she urges women to often take high-spirited steps, even if they are doomed to failure.

''I wish women to be self-sufficient, faithful to their essence, to constantly evolve, to love and value themselves, as only then they will get love and care both from men and the surrounding'', Sarine extended her wish in connection with the International Women's Day.