“Everybody will answer” – Vitaly Balasanyan, Candidate for the Artsakh Republic President

Artsakh presidential candidate Vitaly Balasanyan and representatives of “Ardaroutyun” (“Justice”) Party held a joint press conference in Stepanakert today. During the conference they reported on the attempts to impede their campaign, among other things, by using administrative resources. Vitaly Balasanyan noted that on this occasion he had met acting President Bako Sahakyan and other candidates stating that administrative resources were being used and their campaign was being hindered. In particular, they mentioned the name of “Azat Hayreniq” (“Free Homeland”) Party and its leader Arayik Haroutyunyan. Vitaly Balasanyan underlined that everybody will answer, starting from the Artsakh President to all those who will try to disrupt the elections. It was also announced about opening a hotline for registering fraud and bribery cases.