Putin awarded Tigran Sargsyan with the Order of Friendship

December 20, at the end of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded Tigran Sargsyan the Order of  Friendship. 

To recall, Sargsyan served as chairman of the Board of the Eurasian  Economic Commission since February 2016.

In his speech, Putin noted Sargsyan's contribution to the development  of the Eurasian Economic Union, noting, in particular, that work had  been done to ensure that the EAEU became a truly effective economic  union. "Awarding the Order of Friendship is a recognition of special  merits in the development of friendly and allied relations between  Russia and Armenia," the President emphasized.

To note, in 2020 the chairmanship in the EAEU passes from Armenia to  Belarus. As Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic  Commission, Sargsyan will be replaced by the head of the Council of  the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus  Mikhail Myasnikovich.