Russia MFA: US administration has launched hostile anti-Russian attack

The US administration has launched a hostile anti-Russian attack, announcing, in a duet with the European Union, the next measures of sanctions to "punish Moscow." This is stated in a commentary of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

“Tangled in its own internal problems, the White House is once again trying to cultivate the image of an external enemy. We have repeatedly commented on this American policy, which lacks logic and meaning and only further worsens the bilateral relations, which Washington has already led to a complete freeze.

It is absurd when A. Navalny’s alleged provocation premeditated ‘poisoning’ with some ‘military chemical substances is declared as the reason for imposing sanctions [on Russia]. All this is just an excuse for continuous open interference in our internal affairs. We do not intend to put up with this. We will respond on the basis of reciprocity, but it does not have to be symmetrical.

We assume that the US administration does not realize that times have changed long ago, and that attempts at violence in modern geopolitical realities are ineffective for those who cannot give them up. Instead of embarking on a new path of conflict, the United States would be better off worrying about the honest fulfillment of its obligations, such as the destruction of chemical weapons, which Russia simply does not have since 2017.

It is probably difficult for partners in the United States to understand the illusion of their own exclusivity and come to terms with it. The calculations of imposing something on Russia through sanctions or other pressure have failed in the past and are still failing. If the United States is not ready for an equal dialogue on reasonable grounds, that is its choice. Regardless of American ‘sanctions bias,’ we [Russia] will continue to consistently and resolutely defend our national interests by rejecting any aggression. We urge colleagues not to play with fire.

Washington, being a serial violator of international treaties and agreements in the field of arms control and non-proliferation, is essentially deprived of the moral right to ‘give advice’ of others," Zakharova’s commentary also reads.