Pashinyan: Anti-Armenian attacks by Azerbaijanis are an attempt to destabilize Russia

Anti-Armenian attacks by Azerbaijanis are an attempt to destabilize Russia, Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook.

"In an interview with RBC, commenting on the anti-Armenian attacks of Azerbaijanis living in Russia, I noted that this is not only an expression of the anti-Armenian rhetoric of the Azerbaijani leadership, but also an attempt to destabilize Russia and make it an arena for interethnic clashes," he noted. “There is no doubt that the Russian authorities have all the means and capabilities to prevent such a development of events."

"However, our compatriots in Russia, in turn, must record that we should not succumb to provocations and that those third forces that have ambitious anti-Armenian predatory aspirations in the South Caucasus are interested in destabilizing Russia. We will not allow this," he added.

"The interview will air early next week,"  the PM added.

After the Azerbaijani military aggression on the border with Armenia on July 12 clashes between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, turning into fights, are recorded in different countries of the world.

For several days, information has been received about attacks on Armenians in different cities of Russia.