Battle of Sardarapat is among the most glorious and memorable chapters in Armenian history – Artsakh Foreign Ministry

Below is the congratulatory address by the Foreign Ministry of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) on the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia:

May the 28tհ is the day of proclamation of the first Republic of Armenia and the victory of our people in the battle of Sardarapat. The Armenian people managed to restore its independent statehood, which was lost centuries ago.

The heroic battle of Sardarapat is among the most glorious and memorable pages in the Armenian history. On this day 103 years ago, the Armenian people managed to unite and defeat the regular Turkish army, which significantly exceeded our forces in number and armaments and invaded with the purpose of completely annihilating the Armenians.

Sardarapat was not only a military-political, but also a moral victory. It became a symbol of the unbreakable will, unshakable faith and inexhaustible patriotism of our people, which had been subjected to Genocide for years, lost most of the homeland, and was on the verge of extermination. The Armenians of Artsakh also played a great role in the battles of Sardarapat, Bash Aparan and Karakilisa, where under the command of prominent military figures of Artsakh participated heroically in forging the victories. In the most difficult military-political situation for the homeland, the representatives of Artsakh, as part of the top political leadership of the First Republic of Armenia, actively participated in the state-building processes too. For over a century, the victory of Sardarapat has inspired all Armenians, and today, it is of special importance and significance for our people. Glory to our heroes, to the Armenian statehood, and to our homeland.