Armenia MOD: Turkey's F-16 shoots down Armenian army's SU-25, pilot heroically dies

Starting today at 10:30, Turkey’s F-16 fighter aircrafts were released from Gyanja Airport of Azerbaijan and ensured the missile strikes in the direction of Armenia’s settlements and the territorial units of the Armed Forces of Armenia stationed in the Vardenis, Great Masrik and Sotk regions of the Vardenis town of Armenia from Dalyar Airport of Azerbaijan through Azerbaijan’s SU-25 and the Turkish Bayraktar UAV, as reported Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia Shushan Stepanyan on her Facebook page.

Stepanyan particularly stated the following: “In this period, Armenian aviation is completing the tasks for supporting the units of the air defense forces of the Armed Forces of Armenia.

While completing the combat task, during the air defense battles, Turkey’s F-16 multirole fighter aircraft shot down the SU-25 attacker of the military air forces of the Armed Forces of Armenia in the airspace of Armenia.

Unfortunately, the pilot heroically died.

Turkey’s F-16 multirole fighter aircraft was 60 km deep and at an 8,200-meter altitude, according to objective control measures.