Situation at LoC was “conditionally relatively stable” in 2019, says Artsakh military

The Artsakh military has described the situation at the Line of Contact with Azerbaijan in 2019 as “conditionally relatively stable”.

“As a result of the daily large-scale engineering-reinforcement works and continuous processes of equipping the frontline with video-surveillance devices, not only has the safety of active-duty combat-shift personnel been increased, but the likelihood of incursion attempts by the Azerbaijani military has been virtually eliminated,” the Artsakh military said in a statement, noting that only one such incident took place during the year, when on September 22 the Azerbaijani army attempted an incursion attack. The enemy sabotage attempt was neutralized and the adversary suffered one fatality.

According to the Artsakh military, Azerbaijan breached the ceasefire at the LoC 9000 times during the year, firing more than 85000 shots from various caliber firearms at Artsakh positions. Azerbaijan also fired thirteen 60mm mortar shells and 32 grenades from an automatic launcher.

However, Artsakh said that the number of this year’s violations by the adversary is the lowest since 2010.

“Addressing the Artsakh conflict, we must note that despite this year marked the 25th anniversary of the signing of the ceasefire agreement, the OSCE Minsk Group which deals with the settlement of the issue has not succeeded in recording progress, because not only was official Baku continuing to reject the fundamental principles of the conflict settlement, but was also ignoring the measures of building trust that the Co-Chairs recommended aimed at strengthening the ceasefire regime. None of the highest-level meetings that took place between the conflicting parties during the year with the purpose of advancing the talks, the informal contacts, as well as the six foreign ministerial meetings were able to advance progress because of the opposite positions of the parties”.

The military added that during the year it was able to ensure the inviolability of the Artsakh Republic’s borders and the peaceful life of the population.