Foreign relations and inter-parliamentary activity should have no geographical restrictions, says Ashot Ghulyan

Foreign relations and inter-parliamentary activity should not have any geographical restrictions.

As “Artsakhpress” reports, Artsakh National Assembly Chairman Ashot Ghulyan said at today’s year-end press conference.

"As of today, the political interests of the Artsakh Republic and even the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict suggest us with which countries we should have particularly closer relations.

However, there should be no restrictions for us, and I think the visit of delegations from different countries shows that in the case of Artsakh, both as a country and as a parliament, our inter-parliamentary relations should include all countries of the world. In 2015 in Guatemala an adoption of an anti-Artsakh resolution was attempted. This year during our partners’ visit to Artsakh an agreement has been reached that no steps will be taken without in-depth studies. In addition, we have some arrangements to continue working together in the future,” said Ghulyan.