Voters are either given a bribe or promised to do: "Justice" Party of Artsakh appealed to the President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan

"Justice" Party of Artsakh made a statement saying:

"The state elections that will be held in Artsakh on March 31, 2020 are of exceptional historical importance for the international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh, establishment of state institutions, resolution of the Artsakh problem, and development of the country.

The campaign of the Artsakh presidential candidates will officially start on February 26, but some candidates are already campaigning in violation of the basic principles of conducting pre-election campaign under the Artsakh Republic Electoral Code based on the principle of holding free, fair, transparent and democratic elections.

The heads of several administrative districts of Artsakh have already given instructions to their subordinates and village heads to campaign for one of the presidential candidates using administrative resources and levers. In fact, with the permission of the authorities, local government leaders are illegally trying to influence the normal course of elections. It is also of a mass nature to make promises to the citizens under the pretext of charity, as well as to partially fulfill them. In fact, voters are either given a bribe or promised to do so, thus trying to influence the election results in advance.

"Justice" Party of Artsakh appeals to the President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan to fully implement his constitutional obligation to guarantee free, fair and transparent elections. Law enforcement agencies should take action to prevent illegal use of administrative resources and levers in favor of any candidate.

It is interesting in this context that on February 5, Secretary  RA the Secretary of the Security Council of the RA Armen Grigoryan, who is in Stepanakert on a working visit, met with President Bako Sahakyan. A meeting was also held with Artsakh National Security Council Secretary Arshavir Gharamyan, Police Chief Levon Mnatsakanyan and CEC Chairman Srbuhi Arzumanyan. According to the report, during the meeting the organizational activities and the implementation of the forthcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in Artsakh were discussed, which, in our view, is an obvious interference in the process of state elections in the Republic of Artsakh. We believe that it was necessary at that meeting to discuss the realities of "buying" the voices of the public and the actions to prevent them. Therefore, the meaning of these formal or biased meetings is unclear.

We are hopeful that tomorrow we will witness the President's intervention in the issues we raised. Otherwise, it is not excluded that other political teams participating in the national elections will take appropriate preventive measures to exclude illegalities.

The joint efforts of the current authorities of Artsakh, the citizens and all Armenians should exclude all manifestations of illegality that could lead to an undesirable aggravation of the situation.