Zarif on relations with US: We were very close to a war

Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif commented on their relations with the US and tension between the countries.

His remarks came in an interview to the NBC.

According to him, after the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani as a result of an US air strike, Iran and the US exchanged angry letters.

"It's unfortunate that the United States, based on misinformation, based on ignorance and arrogance, combined on a course that has brought the region very close to the brink," Zarif said. "We were very close to a war."

According to Zarif, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had written an "extremely inappropriate letter to Iran" at the height of the crisis in January and that his government responded with a strongly worded reply.

"Let him say what he put in that letter," Zarif said.