Oil Prices Up - 11-02-20

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NYMEX: Precious Metals Prices - 10-02-20

 Precious metals prices for 10 february:

Oil Prices Down - 10-02-20

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NYMEX: Precious Metals Prices - 07-02-20

Precious metals prices for 7 February:

Oil Prices Down - 07-02-20

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NYMEX: Precious Metals Prices - 05-02-20

Precious metals prices for 5 February:

Oil Prices Up - 05-02-20

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NYMEX: Precious Metals Prices Down - 04-02-20

Precious metals prices for 4 February:

Oil Prices Down - 04-02-20

Oil prices for 4 February:

124 law-abiding taxpayers receive certificates

On December 26, all taxpayers who have fulfilled their tax obligations responsibly and conscientiously received certificates at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Artsakh.

Bako Sahakyan: Karabakh has always felt active support of Armenia

We have always supported the idea of having the leaders of the two Armenian republics discuss pan-national issues and have considered it important, and there have been such cases many times.