"Zemfira Grigoryan. Тhe power of faith"

"Zemfira Grigoryan. Тhe power of faith"

"The people of Artsakh are winning people and the elections will become another, this time political victory, which the Artsakh people will manifest to the world". Armen Sarkissian

Today President of the Republic of Armenia Armen Sarkissian met with local media reporters in Stepanakert. He touched upon two pivotal issues - the state elections and coronavirus pandemic.

“Everybody will answer” – Vitaly Balasanyan, Candidate for the Artsakh Republic President

Artsakh presidential candidate Vitaly Balasanyan and representatives of “Ardaroutyun” (“Justice”) Party held a joint press conference in Stepanakert today.

Interview with Samvel Babayan, founder and chairman of "Miasnakan Hayreniq" ("United Homeland") Party

Founder and chairman of "Miasnakan Hayreniq" ("United Homeland") Party Samvel Babayan has answered the questions of "ArtsakhInfo" on the party's pre-election program.

Commentary of Samvel Babayan, founder and chairman of "Miasnakan Hayreniq" ("United Homeland") Party

Founder and chairman of "Miasnakan Hayreniq" ("United Homeland") Party Samvel Babayan has commented on the recent accusations against him on the Internet.

Fashion, style, ecology, local color - how a lady from Artsakh combined all this  into one business project

With an announcement on the Internet, Sarine Hayriyan was given an opportunity to start her own business and create unique cloth bags with Artsakh flavor.

Specialty: physician, title: man

Looking for female heroes on the occasion of the International Women's Day, we have chosen Karine Baghyan, one of the physicians who enjoy the name of a kind and decent specialist.

A path to art perfection - from school desk to mastery

There is a small attention-grabbing shop of souvenirs in the Azatamartikneri Street of capital Stepanakert. The shop is only 10 meters long and the pieces presented there are handmade woodwork created by self-taught artist Grigory Ghoulyan.

Yura Petrosyan (Lenoush by passport), born in the village of Khndzristan, Artsakh, in 1937

I was born in the village of Khndzristan. I got married in Baku, all my four children were born and raised there. We lived in a four-bedroom cozy apartment that we renovated ourselves.

A commemoration ceremony took place in Stepanakert Memorial Complex devoted to the 32nd anninversary of pogroms in Sumgait

Today commemoration events are taking place in Armenia and Artsakh devoted to the Sumgait pogroms anniversary. A commemoration ceremony was held in Stepanakert Memorial Complex as well.

The presentation of the handbook "Modern Azerbaijan" was held in Stepanakert

Today the presentation of the book "Modern Azerbaijan" took place in Stepanakert authored by Edgar Elbakyan and Varouzhan Geghamyan.

There is no median for me: either the best or nothing

ArtsakhInfo. Years ago when she, without telling anybody, submitted her admission documents to the newly-opened art institute as an artist, she didn’t even imagine that her life would once and forever be linked to the world of clothing.

The “Eco State” Company’s Prospects

22-year-old friends Aram Aslanyan and Vachagan Avanesyan established their first business in the field of nature protection. “Eco State” LLC came to solve the problem of nature pollution by polyethylene and plastic in Artsakh.

“Agape” - dream business with only a dollar

Half a year ago she knew neither about a start-up capital and a manufacturing process, nor especially a business plan. However, today Anoush Ayvazyan is a successful businesswoman, and her “Agape” project is a favorite Artsakh brand. The order flow is inexhaustible, the team is regularly growing, the assortment expanding while all this started with only a dollar and prayers for the dream project to come true.